Another reason to care about diversity

In addition to all of the traditional reasons for supporting diversity, I propose a new reason: that diverse teams will support each other better, resulting in a higher-quality work environment for everyone. The percentage of women in tech is currently unsustainably low, yet if we can raise that percentage and build a culture of welcoming… Continue reading Another reason to care about diversity

50,000 words – almost there!

The book is in the home stretches now: I’ve just approved the 50,000 word milestone of the manuscript. We’re within reaching distance of our 65K goal! After that, we’ll still have a round of revision & polishing to do, and then I have to shift gears and start shopping the book with publishers.   I’d… Continue reading 50,000 words – almost there!

35,000 words – over half-way!

Just a quick note that the book has reached 35,000 words.  Our target is 65K so we’ve passed the half-way point!  The plot is developing nicely.  My writer has really done a great job setting the tone to be interesting to young adults and “real adults” (if I finally have to consider myself that) alike. … Continue reading 35,000 words – over half-way!