Rankings and Shenanigans

In the past week I’ve learned the fickle nature of Amazon rankings. I accidentally published this writeup last week, but I saved it wrong (as a “page” instead of a “post”), so nobody saw it…  The context here was Friday May 22, 2 days after RAVEN was published.  I’m leaving the remaining text alone since…… Continue reading Rankings and Shenanigans

Unacceptable Business Practices

In today’s adventures: Facebook Advertisements! I will take a moment to preface this with: I’m going to be sensitive to the fact that I work at a major tech company, and present just the facts of my experience without judgment.  We are all humans writing code in a complex business environment.  I have plenty of…… Continue reading Unacceptable Business Practices

Raven launch + 2! Challenge: connecting with young readers

What a fantastic couple of days it has been since Raven became available to everyone!  I am still awed by all of your support in my efforts to increase diversity in tech by providing stories that more people can relate to and see themselves in.  Everyone has been helping so much! In case you haven’t already…… Continue reading Raven launch + 2! Challenge: connecting with young readers


YOU GUYS!  LOOK! #6 in YA science & technology fiction overall – not bad for day #2!  Look how many reviews those other books have.  (Let’s work on that, too, shall we!)  And just below that, Amazon had Raven again in a “new release” banner. On the Raven page itself, it’s listed as the #1 new…… Continue reading #6!