Vote on your favorite promo copy!

Hey friends, We’re definitely in the home stretch of our writing.  The first draft of the novel is complete at 65,536 words — just kidding! — just over 75,000 words.  We’re doing a final pass of revisions now.  My assignment at the moment is to re-read the book and point out techno-babble I disagree with,… Continue reading Vote on your favorite promo copy!

Another reason to care about diversity

In addition to all of the traditional reasons for supporting diversity, I propose a new reason: that diverse teams will support each other better, resulting in a higher-quality work environment for everyone. The percentage of women in tech is currently unsustainably low, yet if we can raise that percentage and build a culture of welcoming… Continue reading Another reason to care about diversity

Engineering Diversity

The way we talk about engineers impacts whether people try engineering, how confident they feel, and our perception of their competence. My TIM Talk About a month ago I attended my 20-year college reunion, for which I was nominated to give a “TED Talk” style presentation.  (It was called a “TIM Talk” because I went… Continue reading Engineering Diversity

50,000 words – almost there!

The book is in the home stretches now: I’ve just approved the 50,000 word milestone of the manuscript. We’re within reaching distance of our 65K goal! After that, we’ll still have a round of revision & polishing to do, and then I have to shift gears and start shopping the book with publishers.   I’d… Continue reading 50,000 words – almost there!