Raven is a fast-moving story where a team of students learning & working at a corporate academy are investigating a hack at their client, a bank.  It’s a character-led story that centers on Fireball, the team leader, and Noob, the newest team member – but features a diverse group of characters not just writing code but saving the world!

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How do you fix a computer glitch that disappears before you get a good look at it?  How do you negotiate with a hacker who doesn’t seem to want anything?

Colorful sixteen-year-old Fireball and her elite team of classmates from Cinzento Secure’s corporate academy must do exactly that.  They’re investigating a hack at a prestigious bank, and the bizarre network issues they’ve observed are turning out to be something stranger than Team Raven has ever encountered.

That Something grows more serious by the minute, reaching tendrils outside the bank and into critical infrastructure. As the team races to keep the hack from costing lives, a new question is added to the mix: why is someone stalking their newest team member?

Raven is available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook format on various platforms (search your favorite site!):

Support Independent Bookstores - Visit IndieBound.org  Barnes & Noble Amazon

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I have a lot of ideas for Book 2 and Book 3. But first we’ll see how Raven does.  If we’re able to reach a lot of people, I’ll use that momentum to keep going!

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