It’s Done!

Hello everyone,


I’m so pleased to tell you that the book is done!!  I got the manuscript back from the editors yesterday, spent yesterday evening undoing a few things I didn’t like the “fixes” for, and now I’m ready to share it with all of you!  🙂

I am about to send out an email to all of my backers, with a link to download the ebook files.  I have copies in AZW3 format for Kindle, PDF format for tablets/PCs, and EPUB for hopefully everything else.  If you were hoping for a different format, let me know.  I might be able to produce that too.

So let’s talk about ground rules on this download.  I am not in this for making money; I’m here to get more young folks to try software careers.  It would honestly suit me just fine if you shared the file with every young adult in your life.  But since I’m trying to get this published through traditional channels, it might not sit so well with those publishers to have copies floating free in the wind.  So.  My compromise is a few rules:

  • You may share the link with up to 10 people (preferably under 25 years old, or influencers of such people).
  • Please encourage those people come here to http://EvilPlanToSaveThe.World and use the form on the left-hand side to sign up to follow publishing progress of the book.  For that matter, I’ll embed it right here, too:

  • They should not pass the link to others.
  • The link will only be active for the next 90 days.
There is absolutely zero enforcement of anything except the 90-day expiration.  Just my trust of your good faith.  Pinky-swear?  Good.
Did you miss the 90-day deadline?  No worries, contact me through whatever platform you pre-ordered on (Kickstarter or Celery) and I’ll get you a new link.  (Note, pre-orders on Celery are still open; look for the green button on my Kickstarter page and on my blog.)

What about those of you who purchased hard-copy?  Well, it’s going to be a bit of a road getting the book published.  I’m not gonna lie, it can take months or more to attract the attention of an agent, and then months or more for them to sign a publisher, and even then up to a year to get it published in print.  Honestly, even if I’m successful getting a traditional publisher, this might take a couple of years.  It might actually go faster if I have zero luck finding an agent.  If the agent search goes on too long, let’s say if I haven’t found anyone by 1 year from now, I’ll cut out and self-publish.  That shouldn’t actually take too long.

Got feedback?  I LOVE feedback!  Even brutal feedback.  Here are a few ways you (and your young adult friends) can send some.

Finally, THANKS to all of you who have supported me so far, and for your continuing support and enthusiasm as I go on in this journey.  Thank you for sharing my dream of teaching young people that they can ALL enjoy and succeed in software.

Best wishes,


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