Supporting Diversity in Tech

In which we all support young people who are pursuing tech careers! Hey friends, guess what – I got paid! Now I know it takes *months* for authors to get paid! Raven was released on May 20, and the first author payment came July 28. Even that was only part of the initial month of…… Continue reading Supporting Diversity in Tech

Kirkus honors! And other goings-on.

Kirkus Reviews – the organization that is generally tough on independent authors – selected Raven for inclusion in its July magazine! It has been a little over a month since I published Raven. Boy, what an eventful month it has been! The world is changing, in a lot of ways we have yet to understand.…… Continue reading Kirkus honors! And other goings-on.

Raven launch +10! Challenge: reviews

It has been a week and a half since Raven was published on May 20.  Time flies!  Hopefully some of you have already finished reading the ebook by now, or have shared it with a young reader who ripped through it.  Unfortunately, the paperback channel is slower, so paperbacks probably haven’t reached you yet.  They’ll get…… Continue reading Raven launch +10! Challenge: reviews