Book Reviews

Here are my most recent reviews. You can find my review policy below that.

Acceptance Policy

I review books out of a desire to increase diversity in the writing community and in the STEM/tech field. I started reviewing books in June of 2020 when I realized I could use my voice to help lift black authors, who historically have a much harder time publishing books. I’d love to keep reviewing books from minority authors – any underrepresented minority. I would *especially* like to focus on the intersection of minority voices and the STEM field – to encourage underrepresented youth to enter STEM and tech professions.

If you’re an underrepresented minority author, or if you have a book that will help encourage diversity in STEM/tech, I invite you to submit a review request for your book via my contact form.

I don’t guarantee that I’ll review your book, but I DO promise to respond to your request and give you an answer on whether I will read it and when. If it’s not yet published, we can talk about advance reader copies.

I won’t work on tight deadlines, sorry. I work full-time and have my own projects to tend to as well.

If you happen to know a great STEM-related book by a minority author, you’re welcome to propose it to me too. Send me a link via my contact form – and I encourage you to post a review of your own, on your favorite marketplaces.

Plus, I encourage you to read my reviews and buy the books that sound good to you!

Review Policy

I am trying to balance my intention to help authors, with the need to be sincere and honest. I want to give readers information they can trust, and give authors feedback that will help them write the best books they can. Therefore my policy is:

  • I will post all reviews, in full, here on my web site. That is automatically copied to my Facebook EvilPlanToSaveTheWorld page. I will also tweet a link to each review on Twitter and copy it to Instagram (as completely as the IG word-limit allows; I’ve run into that limit on some reviews, and had to link to my site for full details if it didn’t fit).
  • With the author’s approval, I’ll copy the review in full to Amazon, Goodreads, their author site, or whatever other marketplace they ask for. I will not copy partial reviews or change what I say. But I am willing to omit my review if they prefer not to have it appear on these sites. I’m also willing to post the full text on Goodreads without assigning stars.
  • If an author makes changes after my review, to something I commented on, I’m willing to edit my reviews to say there have been updates since my comments. I’m not willing to re-read long books or buy second copies of books.
  • I will not accept any compensation or gifts for giving reviews. I mostly spend my own money buying these books, as one more small way I can help these authors. If an author gave me their book for free, I will state that clearly in my review.
  • I do not ask any authors to buy or review my own book, and if they do, I do not try to influence their reviews or let their reviews influence mine. I will attempt to avoid seeing their reviews of my book before I post my reviews of their books.

This way, authors have some control over whether I say anything in the places that matter most – stores where readers are about to make purchasing decisions – but not what I say. I can still be sincere, honest, and give authors feedback they can use to make their work better. I can still bring attention to their work in my own small way.

Authors: I hope you can accept my feedback as a gift and be stronger for it. ❤

Subject matter rules:

  • No erotica. Some sex is OK, but I don’t care to read lots of details or have it be the focus of the book.
  • No horror/occult. NO ZOMBIES, i.e. re-animated dead things. Sorry, I can’t suspend that much disbelief, and it ruins the book.
  • I prefer to avoid poetry, too, but can be talked into it for a good cause.

Zombie erotica poetry is right out.