Book Review: Jada’s Diary

Jada’s Diary: From Growing Pains to Found Promise, by Jo Cabey

My review: ★★★ (Book content warnings: sex, rape)

This book follows the life of Jada White as she searches for love and happiness in life. She grows up in New York with her single mother, deadbeat father, and extended family. She goes to college, becomes a teacher, and starts a travel blog. Throughout she has encounters with men of varying quality.

The story is intelligently written. It’s so realistic that I had to keep reminding myself it was not a biography – though when I got to the end, I realized it probably was in large part drawn from the author’s own life. The final chapter of the book delivers a pretty powerful message that ties together all the rest of the story. Up until that chapter I had wondered why certain parts of the story were there, but it all became clear in the end.

Overall it was an enjoyable read. Because of the adult content, I would recommend this book for adult readers only. It may be especially valuable to people who’ve struggled with difficult experiences or with finding their own happiness.

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