About Me

My name is Sue Loh.  I’m a feminist hockey player software engineer mom.

I’m a software engineer at Microsoft.  I work on the Mixed Reality team, on HoloLens.  Basically I’m making the future!

But that’s not the most important part of the future.  I care about giving back to my community, and try to be generous with both my time and money.  I put a lot of energy into trying to inspire a greater diversity of people to join the software community.  Our software developers need to represent our customers, and everyone should have equal opportunity to become a software developer.

In short, I want to save the world.


You can follow me here on my blog, on Twitter (@suedeyloh), on Facebook (EvilPlanToSaveTheWorld), or maybe one of these days I’ll figure out what to do with Instagram (@suedeyloh).