Book Review: I Am Inspirational Adult Coloring Book

I Am Inspirational Adult Coloring Book, by Aleigha A. Butler

My Review: ★★★★

This is a first for me, reviewing a coloring book. Please consider this a novice review.

This book is a blend of beauty and motivation. Each page of this book centers around an inspirational word or short phrase, like “triumphant” or “all things are possible.” The pictures are intricate and beautiful, suitable for peaceful meditation while coloring. On many of the pages, the detailing is fine enough that you’ll need good fine-tipped markers or something equivalently small – which is appropriate for an adult coloring book. The themes of the images are mainly floral, with animals incorporated on some pages too.

In the back of the book are a set of Christian scriptures selected for their inspirational value. If I could change one thing about this book, I’d put them together with the coloring pages; it’d be perfect to think or even meditate on a subject while coloring each page. Some prompts / questions to ponder while coloring would be ideal. But even without that, the subjects are inspiring. Coloring this book is a calm way to break out of your busy day and center yourself with some energizing messages.

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