Book Review: Beyond Your Numbers

Beyond Your Numbers: Connect the Pieces to a Path of Amazing Health, by Angela Andalcio-Holtz

My review: ★★★★

This book is an overview of vital actions you can take to improve your health. It’s not a diet book or an exercise book, but rather a holistic look at all the ways you should care for yourself. It includes topics such as nutrition, physical activity, emotional well-being, and other preventative actions you can take such as regular check-ups. It even ends with a few handy and easy recipes to help you turn basic meals into more interesting dishes, such as the author’s favorite marinade and salad dressing.

This book packs an amazing amount of detail on each topic. If you ever wondered what the different numbers from your health check-up mean, or what various vitamins and minerals do for your health, it’s all in here. That said, it’s not a heavy read either. You could get through it in a few hours. It’s more of an overview and reminder of actions you can take, along with some practical advice to turn it into approachable steps you might actually follow.

If this book is missing anything, it’s a bit more depth/encouragement on actions you can take to make yourself actually stick to your plans. Building new habits is work. Some supplementary materials to augment the suggestions, like a workbook or 30-day plan, might make a fantastic addition.

The ideal reader would be someone who’s looking to improve their health but feeling overwhelmed, intimidated or uninspired about it. This may be the inspiration you need to get yourself going!

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