Book Review: I AM ME

I AM ME: Affirmations For Kids, by Sheree Daniels

My review: ★★★

This is a book of positive messages for kids. Each page has an affirmation such as “I am kind” and a prompt like “What did you do that was kind today?” They’re good messages to get kids thinking about their behavior, their goals, and their own positive self image. I like the prompts for discussion.

The artwork is good. An attempt was made at including diversity: some of the kids are wearing national colors, there are different races, and some kids in wheel chairs too. Though it was not consistent throughout the book. IMO there were too many white kids, and on the page where kids were doing science, it was three white boys. I appreciate the attempt but it could be better.

Overall, still a good book for sparking discussions with kids. This book is best for younger kids age 2-6.

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