Book Review: Black Girl Magic Sprinkles

Black Girl Magic Sprinkles, by Chaunetta Anderson and Trinity L. Anderson

My review: ★★★

Black girls have very few role models to identify with and gain confidence from. Trinity’s mom tells her “Even if you haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean you can’t achieve it; because with just a sprinkle of your Black Girl Magic, you can be it!” Trinity goes to sleep thinking about it, and in her dreams she finds a jar of Black Girl Magic Sprinkles. With the sprinkles in her hand, she looks in the mirror. Shaking the jar, she is able to see herself as a doctor, an astronaut, a president, a teacher, a tennis player. Then she wakes up and tearfully realizes it was all a dream. The book ends with her mom reassuring her the magic is still there, insider her – and she can still be whatever she wants to be. Her sister Sevyn looks on throughout all of this, and Trinity knows that Sevyn has the magic too.

This is a really sweet book. It has a strong message of hope and encouragement to help black girls make up for the shortage of role models in their lives. The artwork is really cute, too!

The primary audience for this book is black girls. I think they will connect with the girls in the story. Black boys would probably identify closely enough to benefit from it too, and so might girls of other minorities.

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