Book Review: For a Pun Time Call Smitty

For a Pun Time Call Smitty, by Timothy “Smitty” Smith

My review: ★★★

It has been a long time since I read a flat-out joke book! This was a refreshing reminder of the joke books I read as a kid.

This book starts with a section on bad pick-up lines, then the main portion of the book is various “Yo Mama” style jokes (posed as jokes about various members of your family), and ends with a section of miscellaneous jokes.

Like the joke books of my childhood, the jokes in this book are corny and vary in quality. Some are good, some I didn’t find very funny. Some could be improved by working on the rhythm/timing of delivery (too wordy). The miscellaneous joke section at the back had the punniest jokes. The subject matter is safe enough to give to a kid – the very few jokes that do contain any innuendo, would go over a kid’s head.

This book wasn’t totally for me as an adult, but I’d have definitely read it as a kid. If you know a joke-lover, or are a lover of jokes and puns, check it out!

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