One month to go!

You guys, we are 1 month away from publishing Raven!

If you’ve been following along, right now my main job is to work on marketing – figuring out what I can do to attract attention of readers.  I’ve been digging online to find libraries and bookstores to convince to carry the book, and looking for events or awards to submit the book for.  (Your suggestions for more marketing activities are always welcome!)

I also have a bunch of copies of the book out to reviewers.  I’ve been anxiously waiting to hear what they say!  Well, today I got a nice boost – a 5-star review from Foreword/Clarion!  Here are a couple of excerpts:

Sue Loh’s extraordinary, fun, technology-centered novel follows a group of teenagers who’re handling an intense hacking scheme that could cost them their futures.


The technology behind the hack is modern and realistic. Much of the story centers on the team working with computers, with computer science parlance incorporated, but the text is still accessible and enjoyable to comprehend.

Check out the whole writeup here:

I’ll post more as additional reviews roll in!

In the meantime, start thinking of who you’re going to suggest Raven to!  Reading is a perfect pastime while we’re all sheltering in place.  I’m planning to offer some online deals to celebrate when it’s published!  May 20, here we come!


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