Raven launch + 1! Challenge: audiences for diversity in tech

My publishing-date is now behind us – I still can’t believe that after all this time, Raven is finally available to readers!  What a great milestone in our team effort to counter stereotypes about who can succeed in tech.

Hopefully you’ve already got your ebook loaded on your favorite reader, or your paperback order is in the process of being filled right now.  Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes, encouragement and support!  Raven wouldn’t be here right now if not for you all!

In case you haven’t already ordered the book, it’s available NOW in both e-book and paperback form, on various platforms (search your favorite site!):

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I’m continuing my streak of asking all of you to help me to connect with potential readers.  Today’s focus: speaking events, podcasts and news feeds aimed at audiences who are interested in topics like diversity in tech and software.  How do I reach people who would be interested talking about reversing stereotypes about who can succeed in software?

I’ve already done some speaking on the subject.  Most notably, I gave a talk at Hopper x1 Seattle 2019 called “Changing the Story to Change the Engineers,” which was essentially a more polished version of my blog post on this subject.  I’ve delivered that talk several times to audiences inside Microsoft.  I also gave it as a Dev.to workshop / presentation in 2018.  My goal for these talks is to get people thinking about how our cultural narrative around software careers influences who enters and succeeds in tech, and how we can all participate in changing that narrative to be more inclusive.  Do you know of any events or speaker series I should submit proposals / applications to?  How about clubs and organizations who’d like to hear about this?  Could you recommend me to them, or refer me to them?

Similarly, do you know of any podcasts or news organizations that would be interested in doing a story or interview about my project?  Could you take some time to either give me a reference/link, or recommend my project to them?  The recommendation would probably be more impactful coming from a long-time listener/reader rather than directly from me.  I’ve already done a couple of podcast interviews about the project – check them out!

When making referrals, you can send them a link to my project description, https://evilplantosavethe.world/theevilplan/.  If you know my work or personal email, you can share that.  They can also contact me through my contact form https://evilplantosavethe.world/contact/ or on Twitter @suedeyloh (my DMs are open).

THANK YOU for the support!


P.S.  I could still use your help in other areas:

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