It’s Raven launch day! Challenge: share, share, share!

YOU GUYS!!  It’s really here!  Raven is live and available to the world!

Today is a major milestone in my Evil Plan to Save the World, my journey to change the cultural narrative about who could succeed in tech.  I believe as strongly today as when I started this project, that the way we talk about engineers impacts whether people try engineering, how confident they feel, and our perception of their competence.  I also believe we can change this story – change our very culture – if enough of us work on it.  My book, Raven, is a big part of my efforts in that direction.

I know you want to know how to get it – it’s available NOW in both e-book and paperback form, on various platforms (search your favorite site!)

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– I have a new way you all can support my efforts: with book reviews!

Today is a day to celebrate – but it’s also a day to get busy helping to spread the word!  Today, more than any other day, I need your help.  I need you to tell the world about Raven and my efforts to bring more people into the tech industry.

Tell the adults in your network about the impact they can have on diversity:

Tell young people about a fun book they would enjoy reading!  (these are NOT the same as above)

  • OK, I’m working on an Instagram post about Raven…  Check back soon.
  • Share my Twitter thread about Raven

You can also point them at my web page about the Evil Plan.

In case it’s helpful, here’s a short description you can share of Raven:

How do you fix a glitch that disappears before you look at it? How do you negotiate with hackers who don’t want anything? Sixteen-year-old Fireball and her elite team of classmates from Cinzento Academy must do just that. They’re investigating bizarre network issues that are stranger than anything Team Raven has ever encountered. The hack grows ever more serious, reaching into critical infrastructure. The team races to save lives as a new question emerges: who is stalking their newest teammate?

It’s a fast and exciting tech thriller that’s great for young adults and “not young” adults alike!

This project is not over.  Now we need to get as many young readers as possible to pick up RavenGo, go, go!

THANK YOU for the support!


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