Raven launch + 2! Challenge: connecting with young readers

What a fantastic couple of days it has been since Raven became available to everyone!  I am still awed by all of your support in my efforts to increase diversity in tech by providing stories that more people can relate to and see themselves in.  Everyone has been helping so much!

In case you haven’t already ordered Raven, it’s available NOW in both e-book and paperback form, on various platforms (search your favorite site!):

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Today’s my last post for a little while, enlisting your help.  I have one last request: I need to reach young readers who would enjoy reading Raven.  Do you know of any podcasts, sites, book lists, or reviewers who have a wide outreach to middle-school to early-high-school students?

Please send me some suggestions for sites I should advertise on, lists and newsletters I should get my book into, or book reviewers / influencers I should approach.  Or recommend Raven to them yourself!

How do your kids find new books?  Could you ask them?

And of course, I already know that one of the top ways young readers find new books to read is word-of-mouth.  So please do what you can to share Raven with the young readers in your life – and then follow up.  Ask them what they thought.  Ask them to tell their friends about it!  Ask them to write a book review on Goodreads, Instagram, Amazon, or their favorite site.

THANK YOU for the support!


P.S.  I could still use your help in other areas:

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