T-3 Days until Raven launch! Challenge: libraries

You guys, it’s almost go time!  Raven is being published on Wednesday!  (Eeek!)

I’m going to be posting each day from now until the launch and through the first few days afterward.  I still need lots of help from all of you in my network!  Today’s focus: libraries.  OK, I know the King County Library system and Seattle Public Library, and several other library systems / libraries around the Seattle area.  But help me go broader than that – especially those of you outside the Seattle area!  Here’s what you can do:

  1. (very quick) Share the name of a library system I should reach out to about carrying my book.
  2. (quick) Look up their web site and see if they have a link to suggest new books to carry.  For example, for the King County Library system, that link is https://kcls.org/faq/suggest-a-purchase/.  Share that link with me, to save me the time of doing all these lookups!
  3. (takes a little longer) It’d be even MORE helpful if you’d fill out the form!  Especially if you’re a local, it’ll be more impactful for you to do it than for some random out-of-state author to do it.  Please still share the link to the form you filled out, so I know what’s done already.  (Note: useful reference material below)
  4. (bonus points) Look to see if they have a book club or author events I should try to join in on.  Maybe I can talk to some of their readers?  Any info you can dig up would be great!

Think about whether you’re up for donating copies of the book to your favorite libraries!  I can have author copies of the paperback printed for about $4, so talk to me directly if you want to buy in bulk and save money.  I’m perfectly happy selling them at-cost.

Or I’m also happy to do donations myself!  Tell me if your favorite library would benefit from a bunch of books.  Bonus points if you help figure out who to talk to about receiving the donation.

Also: middle schools!  This book is targeted at middle school and early high school age students.  Do you have a middle school near you?  (Of course you do.)  Do you know how to contact their school librarian?  Perhaps you could donate some copies of the book to them, or suggest that they buy some.

THANK YOU for the help!

Reference material:

  • Title: Raven
  • Author: Sue Loh
  • Publishing date: May 20, 2020
  • Genre: Young Adult / Tech thriller
  • 75K words
  • Available via Amazon as well as IngramSpark.  ISBNs:
    • 9780578579467  Paperback
    • 9781734475203  Ebook (epub)
    • 9781734475210  Ebook (azw3/mobi)
  • Pricing: ebook $0.99 USD (working on making that $0), paperback $9.99 USD, various other prices in other countries.

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  1. I have also started a thread with Northwest School to figure out how to get it into their library. Do we think this book is appropriate for 5th or 4th grade kids?

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