T-2 Days until Raven launch! Challenge: independent bookshops

Our countdown continues – Raven is being published on Wednesday, so there are now two days to go!  (Still eeek!)

I’m continuing my trend of enlisting all of you for help.  Today’s focus: independent bookshops.  I’ve done some digging to find bookshops around the Seattle area.  But this is a big world, yo!  Help me get to more shops – especially outside the Seattle area!  Here’s what you can do:

  1. (very quick) Share the name of a local bookshop you love, especially one that my book would be perfect for.
  2. (quick) Look up their web site and see if they have a link to suggest new books to carry, or for local authors to hold events.
    • Would they carry my book?  How should I contact them?  Sometimes they want an email to start things off.  Or often there’s a link for “consignment,” where authors offer their books to the bookshop on consignment.  For example, a friend suggested a fantastic local chain, Third Place Books.  I would love for this chain to carry my books.  Digging on their site, they do support independent authors via consignment, https://www.thirdplacebooks.com/consignment,
    • Look to see if they have a book club or author events I should try to join in on.  Would they be open to including my book in their book club?  Maybe I can hold an event there?  You could participate too!  (Social distancing has reduced the volume of events, but some bookshops may be turning to digital events, or waiting until social distancing rules ease up.)
    • Anything else?  I see that Third Place Books also offers books personalized by local authors, https://www.thirdplacebooks.com/local-authors.

You can save me the time of doing all these lookups!  Any info you can dig up would be great!

THANK YOU for the help!


P.S.  I could still use your help finding libraries to carry my book.


Reference material:

  • Title: Raven
  • Author: Sue Loh
  • Publishing date: May 20, 2020
  • Genre: Young Adult / Tech thriller
  • 75K words
  • Available via Amazon as well as IngramSpark.  ISBNs:
    • 9780578579467  Paperback
    • 9781734475203  Ebook (epub)
    • 9781734475210  Ebook (azw3/mobi)
  • Pricing: ebook $0.99 USD (working on making that $0), paperback $9.99 USD, various other prices in other countries.

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