One week to go!

Omigoshomigoshomigosh.  One week to go until Raven is officially published!

(OK, 6 days, I was busy/distracted yesterday.)

Yeah, I’m getting nervous now.  I don’t even know why I’m nervous.  I guess, like a new parent, I want to do everything perfectly for this baby, yet I don’t really know what’s to come or what I should be doing.  But I’ve been making things up all along, so might as well stick with it the last week.

I have good news!  I sorted out my problems with the IngramSpark web site*, and now you can pre-order Raven in paperback form!  Check it out…

I don’t know why the image is broken on B&N for the paperback.  I’ll see if it’s my fault or IngramSpark’s or B&N’s.

I’ve been getting ready for launch day.  I’ve revved my explanation page at  I’ve got a bunch of people lined up to help spread the word on social media (and I hope you will too!).  And if things work out, I’m going to broadcast “live from Building 7” next week – more word on that, and other activities, to come.  😏



* Apparently IngramSpark has really really messed up their web site these last couple of weeks.  That probably means orders from B&N will take 3-4 weeks to fill, by the way.  It may actually be faster to wait and buy through Amazon after it’s published.

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