Rankings and Shenanigans

In the past week I’ve learned the fickle nature of Amazon rankings.

I accidentally published this writeup last week, but I saved it wrong (as a “page” instead of a “post”), so nobody saw it…  The context here was Friday May 22, 2 days after RAVEN was published.  I’m leaving the remaining text alone since it was so time-specific.

Today I learned the fickle nature of rankings.  Last night my dad pointed out that Raven was #1 on the list of new releases for YA Science & Tech Fiction!  Well, by the time I grabbed a screen shot today, it had slipped to #2.  Ah well, that’s still good!


Similarly, I posted yesterday that Raven reached #6 on the overall YA Science & Tech Fiction list (as opposed to new releases), and late last night it reached #5!  I didn’t grab a screen shot though, figuring I’d post about it today.  Well, it slipped down the rankings since then.  Fickle indeed!

I also saw it reach #83 on the overall list of YA new releases on Amazon – we breached the top 100!  It has since slipped out of that ranking again.

It’s okay, this makes sense, as the first two days were a big spree of all my friends and network buying the book.  Thank you!  But now comes the hard work – reaching beyond that!  This is why I’ve been asking you all for help with things like finding audiences who’d want to hear about my mission, and ways to reach young adult readers.  I’m nowhere near done in this effort.  Publishing is a launch, not a landing.

You know one easy way you can help right now?  Read the book and write a review on your favorite site!  I’ll be pushing more on that later, but just getting that out there.  😄 Raven stands out pretty conspicuously in the book lists with 0 reviews.

And hey-hey, looking for a good deal?  It’s already available used!  😂  Even though I know for a *fact* the first prints shipped just today.  So in case you didn’t already understand how some of these used item sales worked, now you know they just buy the real thing and mark it up for a profit.



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