An important review from Kirkus!

Just a quick update – the Kirkus review for Raven came in, and it’s positive – check it out!
Kirkus is one of the top reviewers that publishers and authors cite when promoting their books.  If you only have 25 words to put into an ad, a lot of advertisements use them to quote their Kirkus reviews.
Here’s their tagline, the quote I can use in my ads:
Gripping and fresh, with memorable characters—a winner.
I had a bit of drama trying to read their review – the Kirkus web site listed my account as inactive, so I couldn’t log in, and it took nearly a week to get help from customer support in order to read and publish the review.  COVID fun!
Speaking of unresponsive customer support…  I’ve also had some trouble with the IngramSpark service I’ll be using to publish copies of my ebook and paperback outside of Amazon, to brick-and-mortar bookstores, Barnes & Noble, and the rest of the non-Amazon universe.  I’ll be spending the weekend sorting that out, but I’m hoping I’ll have a link soon where you can order paperbacks!
In the meantime, here are a couple of links to pre-order the ebook:

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