Kid inside

I grew up, but I was still a kid.
I got a job, but I still played games.
I paid my rent, but I had fun with my friends.
I cooked meals, but I was just playing with food.
I bought a house, but it was the place I had parties.

I had kids of my own, and it changed how I played.
Goofing, giggling, painting, drawing.  Things I never did with adults, I reveled in with you.
I was a kid, born over again.

I didn’t always have time to participate, but the kid inside me played through you.
You built castles while I folded laundry.
You rode your bike and battled dragons while I mowed the lawn.
You defeated the monsters while I cooked dinner.

And then you grew up.
Now I am left with the old woman in the mirror
who has forgotten how
to play
by herself.

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