2 thoughts on “Podcast about developer stereotypes

  1. Hi Sue,
    Really enjoyed the episode and appreciate what your doing to improve the world. 🙂
    But it worries me how much you seem not to take the AI threat really seriously. I share with you the intuition that we can’t trust human’s development skills. But while you seem to use that intuition to think that we couldn’t really build an all-powerful AI and so we shouldn’t be worried, it could go the other way – exactly because we are so error-prone we should be even more preoccupied about the development of an all-powerful AI whose values are not aligned with the human’s ones (e.g. a paperclip maximizer).

    Since I believe it’s a really critical and urgent issue and since you have the power to reach a considerable number of people, I feel obligated to urge you to read some more literature about it. 😛

    A couple of articles explaining the problem in a really clear way (I don’t remember it clearly but I think it covers some of your counter-arguments against the paperclip maximizer):

    If you have more time I suggest you read the “Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies” book by Nick Bostrom, who Jeff mentioned during the interview.

    Cheers from Portugal, 🙂
    Luís Campos

    1. Hello Luis, thanks for your message! I will check out the articles and the book, though I won’t be the speediest about it. My novel is not aimed at disproving that all-powerful AIs are possible, so I don’t think you’ll find much in it to object to there.

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