Fascinating stuff in our software pipeline numbers

Our production of CS degrees has gone through a couple of boom-and-bust cycles, and we’re currently well into a third boom. Meanwhile, the percentage of women in CS peaked at its all-time high in our first boom and has declined with each bust since then.

22,000 words!

Making decent progress: my novel is now 22K words!  1/3 of the way to our target of 65K.  The characters and the plot are both coming out great.  It’s a fast, fun read – and it has plenty of coding in it!  It’s awesome to have it coming together. Latest progress is always available here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1313335974/a-novel-to-break-software-developer-stereotypes/updates

This is what breaking ground feels like

My friend Lisa Hsu just wrote this piece to express the isolation and exhaustion she feels working in an environment without enough women. https://medium.com/@lisa.hsu/the-incredible-loneliness-of-being-an-only-c35ab7d85da2 I applaud her bravery in sharing her feelings.  I have to count myself lucky that I feel nowhere near this level of strain.  I think that is partly because I’m in…… Continue reading This is what breaking ground feels like