Kirkus honors! And other goings-on.

Kirkus Reviews – the organization that is generally tough on independent authors – selected Raven for inclusion in its July magazine! It has been a little over a month since I published Raven. Boy, what an eventful month it has been! The world is changing, in a lot of ways we have yet to understand.…… Continue reading Kirkus honors! And other goings-on.

Raven launch +10! Challenge: reviews

It has been a week and a half since Raven was published on May 20.  Time flies!  Hopefully some of you have already finished reading the ebook by now, or have shared it with a young reader who ripped through it.  Unfortunately, the paperback channel is slower, so paperbacks probably haven’t reached you yet.  They’ll get…… Continue reading Raven launch +10! Challenge: reviews

Rankings and Shenanigans

In the past week I’ve learned the fickle nature of Amazon rankings. I accidentally published this writeup last week, but I saved it wrong (as a “page” instead of a “post”), so nobody saw it…  The context here was Friday May 22, 2 days after RAVEN was published.  I’m leaving the remaining text alone since…… Continue reading Rankings and Shenanigans

Unacceptable Business Practices

In today’s adventures: Facebook Advertisements! I will take a moment to preface this with: I’m going to be sensitive to the fact that I work at a major tech company, and present just the facts of my experience without judgment.  We are all humans writing code in a complex business environment.  I have plenty of…… Continue reading Unacceptable Business Practices