2020 update: women in computer science

Ever since I looked up the data a couple of years ago and found it to be far more fascinating than I expected, it’s been a bit of a hobby for me, to follow the trajectory of the percentage of women in computer science. The U.S. data is very easy to get. You can find…… Continue reading 2020 update: women in computer science

We Need Diverse Books

Friends, an organization called We Need Diverse Books is trying to change the world so that all children can see themselves in the pages of a book. Their current fundraiser will directly help put inclusive books in the hands of children. I care about this organization, and I want to ask you to help support…… Continue reading We Need Diverse Books

Supporting Diversity in Tech

In which we all support young people who are pursuing tech careers! Hey friends, guess what – I got paid! Now I know it takes *months* for authors to get paid! Raven was released on May 20, and the first author payment came July 28. Even that was only part of the initial month of…… Continue reading Supporting Diversity in Tech

Another reason to care about diversity

In addition to all of the traditional reasons for supporting diversity, I propose a new reason: that diverse teams will support each other better, resulting in a higher-quality work environment for everyone. The percentage of women in tech is currently unsustainably low, yet if we can raise that percentage and build a culture of welcoming…… Continue reading Another reason to care about diversity