Blathering About My Career

In which I write a much-too-long description of my journey as a software engineer. A friend asked me to answer some questions (in bold, here) about my career, for a talk to a group of students.  I wrote much, much more than asked for.  Sorry, friend!  Other friends, you probably don’t want to read this…… Continue reading Blathering About My Career

It’s Done!

Hello everyone,   I’m so pleased to tell you that the book is done!!  I got the manuscript back from the editors yesterday, spent yesterday evening undoing a few things I didn’t like the “fixes” for, and now I’m ready to share it with all of you!  🙂 I am about to send out an…… Continue reading It’s Done!

Vote on your favorite promo copy!

Hey friends, We’re definitely in the home stretch of our writing.  The first draft of the novel is complete at 65,536 words — just kidding! — just over 75,000 words.  We’re doing a final pass of revisions now.  My assignment at the moment is to re-read the book and point out techno-babble I disagree with,…… Continue reading Vote on your favorite promo copy!

65,000 words

The good news: we’ve reached our 65K word goal! Hooray! The not-as-good news: the book isn’t actually done yet. 65K brought us near the end of the book, but there is still a bit more story to tell. We’re still close to finishing! After that, we’ll still have a round of revision & polishing, and…… Continue reading 65,000 words

Another reason to care about diversity

In addition to all of the traditional reasons for supporting diversity, I propose a new reason: that diverse teams will support each other better, resulting in a higher-quality work environment for everyone. The percentage of women in tech is currently unsustainably low, yet if we can raise that percentage and build a culture of welcoming…… Continue reading Another reason to care about diversity